Before you leave London you HAVE to try these…

1. Wok to walk – The first place to try is Wok to walk! This is a local favorite in
London and Amsterdam! You can find it all throughout the city of London. They
are open until 3AM so it is also perfect for a quick bite after you’ve been dancing
the night away! This is the dish I recommend – Egg noodles, Chicken Katsu
and Fried Onions (They have hot Chile and soy sauce you can put on
separately if you like spicy). The best part about this place is you can get a whole
meal for as cheap as $4!

2. Lots Pubs – Lots Pubs in Chelsea for fish and chips (Beer battered cod, fries
and mashed peas). This was my very first place I stopped to eat in London and it
was delicious! I actually am not a huge seafood person so this was my first entire
“fish” I’ve ever eaten. I also had no idea what the green dish was when they
served my plate. I now know that mashed peas are very popular, and delicious
in the British Culture – haha! (Also the crisps for $1.00 are chips) This dish was a
little bit pricey; it was roughly $14-$18 per person. However, this IS one of the
cheaper meals you will eat in London if you go to a sit down restaurant in the
Chelsea area. Once you enter Chelsea you will be paying about double of what
you expect.

3. Mino’s Cafe – If you are looking for an AUTHENTIC and LOCAL place to try your
first “English Breakfast” without spending over $10. This cafe is tucked away in
the streets of Paddington. The portion is enough to fill you up until dinner and
they pride themselves in their coffee! The staff is so welcoming and friendly. You
can tell they genuinely want to make their guests feel loved and cozy while they
start their day. If you’re lucky, like I was, you will catch a typical playful British
fight over “Football” (Soccer) that always ends in them patting each other on the
back and sharing a drink.

4. Peggy Porschen – This is the cutest place EVER to go for Afternoon Tea! They
have every tea you could imagine as well as cute little pastries. They are known
for their beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes. This is also a relatively
cheaper place for Breakfast if you wanted some Avocado Toast ! My go to tea
was the Vanilla Roobios . (If you love Vanilla this is a 10/10. I drank three pots of
this tea in one sitting… guilty). Bonus! If you like photos then this is a very
popular place to get your Instagram pic!

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