Georgia Fowkes is a free-spirited who excels at content creation, acting, photography, directing, producing, all aspects of entertainment management and is an overall visual creator. She grew up acting in Middle School and doing internships for film production in High School. She spent the last five years in the music industry receiving a Bachelors of Science in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management at Point Park University. She has worked in every part of the music industry from record labels, talent, live shows, production, etc. Some of her notable experiences have been with The Television Academy Foundation at Abrams artist Agency, Sony Music creating Social Media campaigns for their RED Music label, and traveling around the United States helping produce VIP departments at Music Festivals for Insomniac.

Her passion is in traveling and giving people an experience that changes their life or helps bring them happiness in any way. She has now set out, determined, to see the world and show others what is out there. She is currently working with brands from all over helping their marketing with photos and videos or helping manage their social medias. On top of this she is also working on building her own brand through Youtube, Instagram, and blogs as an independent female traveler encouraging those to step outside of their comfort zone and be a voice to spread not only information on what is around us, but also happiness and to do what makes you happy through her own unique, quirky personality and adventure spirit. Her life mantra is to Live Happy, Be Happy. Always follow what makes you happy, it might not make sense or be difficult at first but your happiness will never fail you.