While traveling to any place, one of the major concerns is the selection of an Airline Company which suits your budget as well as provides all the necessities and fulfills your requirements depending upon the budget ,too. (And trust me, I am always looking for the bargain deals! Haha). Finding the best suited and low budget flight for you is sometimes a hectic task because it needs a lot of research. But I am here to make this decision easier for you. I will be discussing some of the best and low budget flight companies in the United States!

1. Spirit Airlines

One of the cheapest airlines, which can take you to your destination in America, is Spirit Airlines. One of the reasons this flight experience is low cost is its policy of Bare Fare. According to this policy, the passengers can take only one personal item on-board with themselves. This airline company is also one of the reasons; many companies have to keep their fares low because they have major competition. While you are on your trip to visit the states, Spirit Airlines offer you as much as 40% lower fare compared to other flights, keeping you in your budget, so you do not have to worry while exploring the states. I have probably traveled on hundreds of Spirit flights because of how affordable they are.

2. Frontier Airlines

Another airline offering cheap rates in America is Frontier Airlines. If you are worried that most of your vacation budget would be spent on flight travels, then book Frontier Airlines for yourself and you will be able to remain in your budget. There are different packages for the flights and people who select the budget carrier have to pay as less as $30 for a round trip. Moreover, you can also save your money with reduced baggage fees. Another interesting thing about this airline is that in packages you can also earn rewards including hotel stays as well as car rents. The best place to travel to using Frontier is Denver – I got a $40 flight there before!

3. Southwest Airlines

Another airline that offers one of the best customer services in the lowest possible rates is Southwest Airlines. There is also good news for the customers of this airline. The low-cost carrier of this air company is officially the largest in the world. The airline helps you save your money by allowing you two free checked bags, mobile application of a Passbook which is free, and many travel deals which include hotel stays and sports. The airline travels to 101 destinations in the United States, so you can travel almost anywhere in Southwest. 

4. Viva Colombia

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5. JetBlue Airways

If you want to enjoy a wallet-friendly vacation towards the coast, then JetBlue airways should be your choice. The airline has its place in one of the top budget carriers in the United States. The flight offers convenient and the in-budget option for its customers including Mint Business class for economy fliers, as well as on-board dining options. 


For enjoying an amazing vacation in the United States, now you do not have to spend millions on your traveling, because air companies in America have wonderful options for low budget travelers; you might have to pack a little less than planned but that adds less stress anyways – more than you know! So plan your trip accordingly and enjoy the best. 😀

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